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CCTV Drain Survey vs. Conventional Cleaning: Which Is Best?

CCTV Drain Survey vs. Conventional Clearing

Blocked drains are a common issue that most homeowners in the UK face at some time. But how should you deal with the problem? There’s the modern method – a CCTV Drain Survey and the traditional – Conventional Drain Clearing. Let’s look into these processes and weigh the pros and cons to help you decide the best course of action.

Understanding the CCTV Drain Survey 

CCTV Drain Surveys involve using a special drainage CCTV camera to inspect the insides of a drain. This modern marvel provides real-time, visual insight into what’s happening in your pipes.

Pros of CCTV Drain Survey: 

  • Detailed Insight: Unlike manual inspections, a CCTV camera drain inspection will offer a comprehensive view of your drainage system. It’s like having X-ray vision in your drainage pipes!
  • Early Detection: Catch potential issues before they get worse. A CCTV drainage camera can identify minor problems that could turn major.
  • Cost-Effective in the Long Run: While the CCTV drain survey cost might seem like an upfront investment, it often saves money in the long run by preventing expensive repairs and giving you a complete understanding of the state of your drains.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy: By knowing the exact location of a problem, solutions can be targeted and efficient.

Cons of CCTV Drain Survey: 

  • Initial Costs: The upfront CCTV drain survey cost can be higher than conventional methods, especially if you’re considering a premium CCTV drain inspection company.


Top Tip: Wondering where to get a reliable survey? Try searching for “CCTV drain survey near me” or delve into specific areas, for instance, “CCTV drain surveys Kent” if you’re located there.

The Professional View on Blocked Drain CCTV

Peter Bishop of Thanet Drainage Team commented, “We have found business is booming in areas such as RamsgateMargateBroadstairsCanterburyWhitstableHerne BaySandwich, DealDoverBirchington & Folkestone. From our experience, the main causes of blocked drains following a CCTV Drain Survey are wet wipes, sanitary products flushed down the toilet, or leftover cooking fats and oils poured down the kitchen sink.”

Peter did add, though, that if you insist on using wet wipes, “Use only wet wipes with the Fine 2 Flush mark on their packaging that can be safely flushed down the loo. No sign of the symbol? Then don’t flush them – bin them. These have been verified to ensure they are free from plastic, making them biodegradable moist toilet tissues suitable for the sewer system.”


Common Causes of Blocked Drains
Common Causes of Blocked Drains

The Traditional Route: Conventional Drain Clearing 

This process involves manual labour and tools, such as drain rods, to clear out obstructions without the detailed insight of a drain CCTV.

Pros of Conventional Drain Clearing: 

  • Immediate Relief: This method can offer instant results if it’s a simple blockage.
  • Cost-Effective for Small Jobs: This can be a cheaper alternative for minor blockages.
  • Readily Available: Finding a plumber for manual clearing is often easier than finding a CCTV drain survey expert in some areas of the country.

Cons of Conventional Drain Clearing:

  • Lacks Precision: Without a CCTV drain camera, you’re essentially operating blind, which can lead to problems being missed.
  • Potentially Damaging: There’s a risk of damaging pipes without the clarity provided by a CCTV sewer inspection.
  • Temporary Solutions: It might clear the immediate issue, but what about the underlying cause? Without a drain CCTV camera, it’s hard to tell.

Top Tip: If considering the traditional method, ask the plumber about any potential need for a CCTV sewer camera to inspect the drains afterwards. This might provide peace of mind that you do not have other issues in your drains.

So, What’s Best for You? 

  • Are you questioning the Health of Your Drains? If you’ve faced recurring blockages, investing in a CCTV drain survey might be high time. This method will provide clarity and long-term solutions.
  • Are you facing a One-off Drain Blockage? If it’s a sudden, first-time issue, perhaps the conventional route might work for you.

Remember, each home and drainage system is unique. Consider your specific needs, budget, and the long-term health of your drains.


In the battle between CCTV Drain Surveys and Conventional Drain Clearing, the right choice depends on your situation. While modern CCTV drain inspections offer detailed insight and prevention, traditional methods can be apt for quick fixes. As you ponder over the best course of action, ask yourself:

Do you want a quick solution or a comprehensive understanding of your drains’ health? The answer might just lead you to the right choice!