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Specialist Blocked Drain Services

Blocked Drain Canterbury Services

Thanet Drainage is a reputable and reliable drainage company serving Canterbury and the surrounding areas. We specialise in comprehensive and efficient drainage services and solutions for residential and commercial clients. With a team of experienced and skilled drainage professionals, we address all drainage issues quickly and efficiently.

Watermain Repairs

At Thanet Drainage, we offer all types of watermain repairs in Canterbury. Watermain repairs refer to fixing or restoring underground pipes that carry water to homes, businesses, and other properties. These pipes are indispensable for delivering safe and clean water. Over time, watermains can deteriorate due to age, external force, or corrosion. Fixing the mains is necessary to prevent leaks, pipe bursts, and water quality issues and for an uninterrupted water supply.

Several signs can suggest a possible issue with the mains supplying your property, including water discolouration, low pressure, and puddles. Increased water bills and unusual gurgling noises also indicate potential watermain damage.

If you notice any of these signs in your Canterbury property, contact us to investigate and promptly carry out any necessary water main repairs.

Collapsed Drains

Signs of a collapsed drain include recurrent blockages, slow-draining sinks or toilets, foul odours in or around the property, sinkholes or subsidence in the garden or driveway, and bubbling noises from the drains.

Several things can lead to drain collapse, including ground movement, soil erosion, tree root intrusion, age deterioration, heavy traffic loads, construction causing ground disturbance, and foreign objects or debris in the drainage system.

The repair or replacement of a collapsed drain in Canterbury depends on the extent of the damage and its location. Drain relining or patching techniques can sometimes be used to repair small sections of collapsed drains. However, extensive damage or structural instability may require a complete drain replacement.

Attempting DIY repairs can lead to further damage or inadequate fixes, potentially resulting in more costly repairs in the future. So, call in Thanet; as qualified professionals, we have the expertise and equipment to assess the situation accurately and provide appropriate solutions.

Drain Lining and relining

If you have damaged or leaking drainpipes, there is a non-intrusive solution called drain lining or drain relining. Drain lining involves:

  • Inserting a flexible resin-coated liner into the existing line.
  • Inflating it.
  • Allowing it to set.


The new liner creates a strong inner layer that effectively restores functionality by plugging any cracks or damage.

Drain lining can fix various drainage problems, including cracks, leaks, root intrusion, small collapses, and deterioration. It can be used with different material, including clay pipes, concrete, and PVC lines, making it suitable for all types of water systems.

Lining drains has advantages over drain replacement methods, including minimal disruption, fast completion, low cost, and the process preserves the landscape.

Consult us, and we will see if drain lining is the most suitable solution to repair the drains in your Canterbury property.

Drain Unblocking In Canterbury

Blocked drains are often caused by the buildup of grease, food particles, and soap scum in kitchens, while in bathrooms, hair and soap residue can lead to blockages. Additionally, nappies and wet wipes (which should never be flushed down the toilet) clog pipes.

Repairing a blocked drain quickly is essential to stop further damage and possible health hazards. Blocked drains can lead to bad smells, wastewater backups, and even flooding, causing property damage and creating an unhygienic environment.

Our drain unblocking services in Canterbury can help avoid more extensive and costly repairs down the line. We have the expertise and tools to clear the blockage safely and efficiently for a properly functioning drainage system.

Small Blockages

Blocked drain Canterbury

If you have a blocked drain, it’s best to avoid using chemical drain cleaners, as they can damage the pipes, particularly if they are old, and harm the environment. 

While minor blockages can sometimes be fixed using DIY methods, like a plunger or plumbing snake, professional blocked drain services are necessary if the blockage continues or if you notice signs like bad odours, slow draining water, or water backing up in sinks or toilets. These signs suggest a more significant blockage or underlying drainage issues that require expert attention.

Our reputable blocked drain services in Canterbury cater to residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, you can rely on us to fix any blocked drain issue.

Expert Drain Services In Canterbury

We offer a range of drain services in Canterbury, including drain unblocking, drain cleaning, drain repairs, drain relining, CCTV drain surveys, drain installation, and maintenance.

Our Trained technicians possess the knowledge and experience to handle diverse drain problems. We use advanced tools like drain cameras and high-pressure water jetting for accurate diagnostics and provide fast and efficient solutions.

We offer emergency drain services and understand the urgency of drain issues like severe blockages, burst pipes, or flooding and are readily available to provide immediate assistance.

Drain Repairs

If you notice constant foul odours, slow draining water, gurgling noises, water backing up, sinkholes or subsidence outside, or noticeable damp patches on walls or ceilings, it might be time to see drain repair services in Canterbury. It’s important to repair drains as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs.

Our drain repair services include patching up small cracks or leaks, relining damaged pipes, fixing misaligned sections, and even replacing severely damaged or collapsed drains. The appropriate repair method depends on the specific problem and its severity.

The disruption caused by drain repairs varies depending on the type of problem and the repair method used. Drain relining and other modern techniques are often used for non-invasive repairs requiring very little excavation. This means less disturbance for your property and the surrounding areas.

CCTV Drain Surveys

A CCTV drain survey is a non-intrusive way to inspect the condition of drainage systems. It involves inserting a small camera into the drain to capture real-time footage. CCTV drain surveys in Canterbury are needed if there are persistent drain issues, blockages, bad smells, or suspected hidden damage. It helps identify the exact location and cause of problems.

During a CCTV drain survey, a flexible camera attached to a cable is fed into the drain system. The camera transmits live video feed to a monitor, allowing drain specialists to assess the condition of the drains in real-time. The footage is recorded for further analysis, and the survey provides valuable information about blockages, leaks, cracks, tree root intrusion, and other issues.

A CCTV drain survey is particularly effective at identifying hidden issues within drainage systems. The camera can navigate through bends, joints, and narrow pipes, providing us with a complete view of the drain network. It can detect cracks, leaks, collapsed sections, and tree root intrusions that may not be directly visible, allowing for fast, targeted repairs and maintenance.

The time needed for a CCTV drain survey depends on the complexity of the drainage system and the extent of the inspection required. In most cases, we can complete a survey within a few hours. After the survey, we provide a detailed report with our findings and suggested solutions.

Drain Clearance

Canterbury drain clearance is the process of removing blockages and debris from drainage systems to restore their proper flow and function. You may need drain clearance if you experience slow-draining sinks, toilets, or showers, strange noises, or water backing up.

Some minor blockages can be cleared using plungers or drain snakes. However, professional drain clearance services in Canterbury are recommended for more stubborn or complex blockages.

As drainage professionals, we have the expertise and specialised equipment and use various methods depending on the nature and severity of the blockage. Whether you have a blocked drain at home or a commercial facility, you can rely on Thanet Drainage to clear the blockage,

Contact us today for reliable and affordable drain clearing and drainage repairs.

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