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Blocked Drains IN Dover? We can help!

We are skilled plumbing engineers with expertise in providing CCTV drain surveys, and clearing blocked drains in Dover and the surrounding areas. 

Emergency Drain Unblocking

When you’ve got a blocked drain in Dover, you need a quick response and don’t want to be left waiting too long, particularly in the situation of a clogged toilet or burst mains pipe. You can rely on us to move quickly and resolve the problem as fast as possible.

Dependable Drainage Company

We take our responsibility to our clients seriously and pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service. Our reviews on Check-a-Trade and other online sites attest to the high standard of our work, and we always do a professional, cost-effective job.

We Fix All Drainage Problems In Dover

When it comes to blocked drain issues, we know that getting them fixed is urgent. But our drainage services go beyond dealing with clogged drains.

Apart from unblocking and clearing drains, we unblock toilets and sinks, conduct CCTV drain surveys, reline, and patch pipes, and more. Our experienced team can tackle any drainage or piping issue.

Spotting a Drain Problem

Blocked drain Dover pipe replacement

There are several tell-tale signs you have a drain problem. These include:

  • A bubbling sound coming from or near the toilet
  • Water backing up in the sink, bath, or shower
  • Water is coming out from beneath the toilet
  • Water is slow to drain 
  • Foul odours from the sink or drains.


When you spot a drain issue, it can be difficult not to panic. Nobody wants to have to cope with a blocked toilet or sink.

That is where we come in. No job is too big or too small, and we offer our services to domestic and commercial clients. 

How To Know If A Blocked Drain Is Your Responsibility?

A homeowner is accountable for unblocking any drains within their property boundaries, such as beneath their house, garden, and driveway. These are private drains. Any drains which do not share pipelines with your neighbours are your responsibility.

Drains located outside your property are ‘lateral drains’. Lateral drains carry wastewater away from your home into a sewer. These are connected to private drains but are not your responsibility. Lateral drains are publicly owned. 

So, it is your responsibility if the problematic drain exclusively serves your property and falls within your property boundary. If the drain is shared or beyond your property boundary, then it could be the responsibility of your neighbour or the water company.

If you’re in doubt, call us, and we can help determine who should pay to rectify the problem.

CCTV Dover Drain Surveys

Do you want to get to the root of your blocked drain problems? If so, then our CCTV drain surveys will do the job. We insert a long rod with a camera on one end into your drains to establish problems and identify structural issues via images sent to an above-ground monitor. We examine the CCTV footage to immediately determine everyday drainage matters, such as broken or collapsed pipes, foreign object blockages, or problems caused by tree roots.

Get Unblocking Services Today

Don’t let drainage issues get you down. We always identify the source of your blockages, so they don’t happen again. With our professional drain-unblocking services, we will have your sinks draining and toilets flushing correctly in no time.

Call us to get help from our highly trained drainage technicians today. 

We offer discounts to students and OAPs, and all work is fully insured.

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