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Drainage excavation

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Drainage excavation

In most cases, when a drain is blocked, modern plumbing techniques such as jetting and using high-tech tools allow us to clear the cause of the drain or pipe blockage, and there is no need to excavate the garden to access the pipes.

However, in some circumstances, if the problem is complex and the block won’t clear, the only choice is drain excavation to reach the origin of the problem. We will predominantly use drainage excavation if the drain has collapsed, as it will enable us to repair your existing pipework, install a new drainage system or use a patch or drain relining

Signs Drain Excavation May Be Necessary

We avoid excavation to repair drainage systems or fix sewage pipe issues if possible, but drainage excavation may be unavoidable if there are multiple blockages in the home. Signs of this include bad smells coming from the sinks and toilets or if the toilet needs flushing several times. Unexplained wet patches and ultra-green thick grass are further signs you may have a problem underneath the garden, and therefore it is time to call in a professional drainage repair firm.

What Causes Breakages and Collapsed Drains?

Outdoor drainage is often made from concrete, metal or maybe even plastic. Over time, corrosion wears down the system, particularly the joints, causing the drainage to fail. How quickly or if this happens depends on several factors, including the soil condition, the materials used to build the system, or if subsidence or flooding causes the sewer line to shift. When this occurs, drain repair is only usually possible by excavating the garden.

Even if corrosion has set in, we can sometimes repair the damage with drain relining. The severity of the blockage or decline is the deciding factor if excavation is required. Blockages that cannot be dispersed or pushed through the sewer lines make replacing the entire pipe section and excavation necessary.

Tree roots are a frequent problem that often require drain excavation. With large trees, the roots can grow and pierce drainage pipes, eventually leading to breaks or blockages. It is complicated to resolve a tree root issue and repair the drain without using drain excavation.

Our Drain Excavation Services Process

When you contact us about a drain or sewage line problem, our experienced drainage technicians will arrive at your property quickly to investigate the cause. We understand how inconvenient drain excavation is for most homeowners, so we only use excavation to repair a drain as a very last resort, and don’t just decide on drain excavations willy-nilly. 

We thoroughly check your drainage with the latest CCTV cameras. Using this equipment, our technicians can see what’s causing the problem in real-time and choose the best method to repair the drain. We explore all other unblocking options before deciding on drain excavation. 

Once we have decided on the optimal way to proceed, we will give you a transparent quote for professional drain repair work. In the event of drainage excavation, we take care to include estimates for extra time should we find unforeseen obstacles like buried cables.

The excavation process involves digging a hole or trench to expose the pipes that need to be repaired or replaced. It is important to note that digging the garden involves the possibility of impairing whatever is above the problem area, but this is usually only temporary. We do our best to leave minimal impact on your garden. 

Drain Repair Considerations

Before the excavation, we need to take various steps before digging, including site assessment, safety concerns, where we will store the excavated materials and the eventual reinstatement of the site.


After CCTV surveys have determined that excavation is necessary, it is crucial to look for any obstacles to avoid. Drainage systems are often close to gas, electricity, and water lines. Therefore, drain excavation must be carefully planned to avoid damaging these lines. The Thanet Drainage team carefully plans the sewer excavation work so the process can proceed without a hitch.


Drainage excavations must be conducted with care, as there are health and safety concerns. Apart from the risk of damaging utility lines, subsidence is possible if the ground is very wet or uneven in consistency. The worse scenario would be mounds of earth burying a worker on site.

The deeper the excavation, the more important safety becomes. If your trench is deep, we might have to put barriers or other measures in place to prevent mishaps. We always put the well-being of our customers and staff as our top priority, so you can be sure you and your family are in safe hands with Thanet during drainage excavation work.

The Trench

Depending on the depth of the pipes, we will use a mini-excavator or do the task manually. Machinery gets the job done quicker, but manually digging is less disruptive and safer if there are utility pipes close to the drainage.

When our team reaches the damaged drainage section, they will fix or replace it. Because we must turn off the water mains during the repair, we always work as fast as possible without compromising on safety or the quality of our work

Storage of Excavated Soil

During a drain excavation, a large amount of soil is often removed. This must be stored properly to keep it dry. We prefer to use the same soil for refilling the trench, as it is faster, and the area regains its original form. Occasionally, due to the physical and chemical properties of the excavated material, it is better to replace it with healthier soil. If reuse is impossible, we dispose of the material responsibly, so it does not harm the environment.


Once we are satisfied with the repaired damaged sewer lines or drainage, it is time for site reinstatement. We plan reinstatement before excavation to restore the garden as near to its original state as possible. We return removed poles, fencing or tiles to their previous position, leaving the site neat and tidy. 

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