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HPWP, or High-Pressure Water Jetting, is a highly effective way of cleaning most surfaces, including drainage systems. High-pressure jetting efficiently clears away blockages and flushes out debris. 

Thanet Drainage serves the drain and pipe cleaning demands of homeowners in Kent with expertise and professionalism. Whether you have a blocked drain or seek preventative maintenance, we can supply all your water jetting needs.

High Pressure Water Jetting

What Is High Pressure Water Jetting?

High-pressure water jetting, also sometimes called hydro jetting, is a powerful way to clear challenging stubborn blockages in drains, sewage lines, and other pipe systems. The method blasts highly pressurised water through a blocked pipe, removing any solid material or residue for a long-lasting clean. We use HP jetting to clear blockages, and it helps prevent system issues in many commercial settings.

How Does HP Jetting Work?

High-pressure water jetters deliver highly pressurised jets of water. An HP jetter consists of a motor, a pump, a heavy-duty hose, a nozzle, and a water tank.

The pump is fixed to the tank and motor, the hose is attached to the pump, and lastly, the nozzle is attached to the hose. The nozzle design is essential as it has minute holes that point forwards and backwards. 

When the pump forces water through the nozzle, the hose and nozzle drive water throughout the drain or pipeline to break up and flush out any blockage.

We use different nozzles depending on the obstruction, such as tree roots or foreign objects. Due to the high power of the equipment, a trained professional must operate it. A novice runs the risk of damaging the pipes. 

The steps in a standard water jetting process are:

  • Dropping the hose into place in the drain
  • Starting the motor to power up the pump and start the flow of pressurised water through the hose and nozzle
  • Controlling the position of the hose until solids and residues are cleared and navigating it back to the pipeline entrance.

The Benefits of Water Jetting

Compared to other drain cleaning solutions, water jetting offers several advantages, including:

Effectiveness: High-pressure jetting removes grease, dirt, sludge, and other solids that are virtually impossible to shift with less powerful techniques such as rooting or snaking.

Economical: Water jetting is so effective you won’t need to pay for expensive chemicals.

Eco-Friendly: Water jetting only requires water to work, so no harsh chemicals will contaminate your property or the environment. Also, while the water pressure is high, the total water volume needed for the procedure is low.

Flexibility:  Our experts have a choice of specific tools and strategies for any blockage, making the service ideal for routine cleaning or urgent removals.

Preventative Maintenance: Clogged drains can cause downtime or equipment failure for many business types. Routine water jetting can prevent these issues from ever occurring at a low cost.

Jetting for Sewerage Pipes

Water jetting is ideal for clearing sewer lines with tough, stubborn blockages, such as stones or roots. These obstacles can result in system backup and overflow, which can cause property and equipment damage. Water jetting equipment will break up and rinse out obstructions, allowing water to flow freely. In addition to clearing obstructions from drain and sewer pipes, water jetting is useful for pipe degreasing, descaling, and pipe thawing.

Kent's Drainage Experts

Thanet Drainage maintains a fleet of vehicles and water jetters to deliver jetting for virtually any drain system cleaning task in Kent. Our experts will draw on their knowledge to select the most suitable equipment for your circumstances, considering the type of blockage and condition of your pipes. Our attention to detail lets us fix problems efficiently while protecting your plumbing system. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to address plumbing issues and give quality solutions for drain and sewer concerns, no matter the size or nature of the job. We work with homes and businesses of all sizes to maintain drains and sewer lines in proper working order. 

With more than three decades of combined experience and personalised customer service, you can count on us for all your drainage needs. Contact us today on 01227 252361 to learn more about our water jetting or CCTV inspections, drain descaling or drain relining and patch lining services.

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