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CCTV Drain Surveys Kent

NADC Drainage Surveys

The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) collaborated with the Environment Agency and Water Research Centre to develop the latest certification course based on the 5th Edition Manual of Sewer Condition Classification recommendations.

Thanet Drainage is a NADC member and has EU Skills Certification. We advise you to use a certified surveyor such as us if you need a drainage survey. Using a surveyor with NADC accreditations ensures you get value for money and professional advice.

CCTV drain surveys Kent

What Is The Purpose Of A CCTV Drain Survey?

One of the most frustrating things with drainage problems is you often have no idea what is causing the problem. If you have tried the usual DIY remedies such as plunging, rinsing with baking soda and vinegar, or using a plumber’s snake without success, the cause is likely to be underground, and this is where a CCTV drain survey comes in.

Drain surveys identify the issues with a property’s drainage, such as fractured, leaking, or impaired pipes. It will also reveal blockages, backed-up sewage, or tree roots growing into the piping system.

While not always necessary, a CCTV survey provides a complete diagnostic solution for drainage problems when the cause is unclear. Our surveyors use CCTV equipment to examine your drains thoroughly. 

How Is a Drain Survey Performed?

A camera is attached to a line which is inserted into the drainage system. The camera transmits images of the system to a monitor. As the camera moves along the drains, a surveyor watches the monitor, checking for potential problems and the size and condition of the system.

Drainage companies will also check if the property has pitch fibre pipes from the 1950s. These were made from a mixture of tar and natural fibres and often need replacing after around 40 years.

At Thanet Drainage, as part of the survey, we give you a map of your drains, so you know where your drains join the national water network. This is a very useful document, as you can see where your legal obligations end as a homeowner. For example, if there’s a problem with the drainage, the plan will inform you if it’s your responsibility to fix it, your neighbour’s, or if it is down to the water supplier.

You’ll also get a drain “health check” statement. This gives details of any problems, such as leaks, rat infestations, tree roots, or blocked pipes. 

CCTV recordings allow us to see exactly what’s happening under the ground. We can see if there is an urgent problem, or if there are any issues that could potentially worsen in the future.

Surveys When Buying a Property

In recent years, the number of property buyers and sellers requesting a drain survey has risen. Building surveyors now advise clients to have a drain survey done by a certified drainage surveyor to ensure the drainage system is in a reasonable condition.

A survey will provide home buyers with vital information about the drainage system. We advise you never buy a property without requesting a complete drain survey.

CCTV drain inspections are a valuable tool in detecting various drain issues. These include:

  • Blockages 
  • Leaks
  • Corrosion and decay
  • Loose joints
  • Animal infestations
  • Tree root ingress
  • A build up of scale
  • Cracked or collapsed drains

CCTV drain inspections are the ideal solution to find these concerns. With the help of this technology, property owners can take proactive measures to manage issues and prevent further damage.

Our certified drain surveys are valid for five years; so you should keep related documents. Survey reports can be presented within five years as part of a seller’s pack, meaning they hold their value for this term. 

Drain surveys should never be thought of as an unnecessary expense. Property investors now consider the survey as one of the most important parts of the buying process. Impaired drainage systems are a reason for many major structural faults in buildings, including subsidence.

CCTV Sewer Surveys When Leasing a Property

If you are a landlord renting out a home, it is your duty to make sure the sewage system is in perfect working order. Our CCTV surveys will detect blockages, leaks, and tree root issues, so you don’t have to deal with angry tenants because of blocked, foul-smelling drains.

A pre-tenancy CCTV survey furthermore gives you an advantage if a tenant complains about blocked drains. You will have documents to prove the drains were in good working order at the start of the tenancy, and therefore any blockage was caused by the tenant.

Must I Do A Drainage Survey?

Legally, you don’t have to do a home buyer drainage survey. It is tempting to forgo the extra expense. But mortgage lenders might request a survey before they agree to a mortgage. Surveyors and conveyancers recommend a drain survey in addition to the usual house buyer’s survey. 

CCTV drain surveys

Benefits Of A CCTV Drain Survey

One benefit of a NADC CCTV drain survey is that you can possibly renegotiate the house price. If the drain survey reveals a home needs drain repair work costing £2,000 you might not want to spend this extra money and have a case for bargaining for a lower price.

Sometimes, home insurance firms ask for a NADC CCTV survey before they will insure your property. Getting it done before you buy saves you aggravation later on.

Ultimately, the benefit is you will know what you’re buying. It’s always best to know in advance. In the worst-case scenario: you can withdraw your offer and pull out of the purchase if there are severe problems.

How Much Does A Drainage Survey Cost?

It is rare that a drainage company will offer a flat rate, as the cost of a CCTV survey will depend on the specifications of the property. Depending on the area, and the size of your property, a home buyer’s drain survey usually costs between £100 and £400.

At Thanet Drainage, we always give you a free, no obligation quote before the survey. One of our n engineers will visit your property to determine the size of the job, then give you a quote. There are no hidden costs, and we never ask for more than our original quote.

A CCTV drain survey usually takes between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the  complexity and size of the drainage system.

Our NADC Accredited CCTV Drain Services

Apart from home buyer’s surveys, we also use CCTV for drain inspection purposes. One of the challenges of keeping household drains and sewer systems in good condition is that they are underground. With CCTV, it is straightforward to spot issues before they develop into serious problems or locate a severe problem quickly, allowing us to fix it in the shortest time possible.

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