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If your sink or bath is slow to empty, or you see your outside drains overflowing, chances are you have a blockage. Blocked drains will eventually give off a foul smell, so it’s not an issue you cannot ignore. Other blocked drain signs include:

  • Gurgling sounds
  • Cracks in paving
  • Sewage seeping out from the drain
  • Contained damp patches.

If you have detected any of these problems, your drain is probably blocked.

If you suspect your drains might be blocked, call us sooner than later, as the problem will only worsen if left. Our drainage experts have the equipment and expertise to clear all types of blockages and will get the situation solved quickly.

Camera Inspections

Over time, just about all drainage systems will experience some type of issue. Because the cause of the problem is likely to be in a place you cannot see, and difficult to access, we use CCTV to inspect the drain’s interior and find the blockage area. CCTV equipment also allows us to see if there is any damage to the drain, as it provides a clear picture of the plumbing system and removes the need to guess where the issue lies.

Closed Circuit Television Video involves using a waterproof, high-definition camera to inspect a drain or pipeline. The camera is attached to a cable, and transmitters send images and information to a monitor, allowing us to determine the root of the problem without delay. By quickly pinpointing the problem area, we can solve any issues before they become more serious and expensive.

Using CCTV cameras to check plumbing or drain systems has multiple benefits:

The most significant benefit of CCTV cameras is the short time it takes to analyse the state of drains and pipes. 

Another benefit of CCTV cameras for drain inspection is the high accuracy of the diagnosis. Therefore, plumbers can instantly see if the problem is because of a tree root, a broken pipe, clogged fat, or some other item causing the blockage.

Because CCTV increases speed and accuracy, less time is spent on a job, which means lower charges for the client. 

Once a CCTV camera finds an issue, we can fix it in the most suitable way. This significantly decreases the chance of similar problems reoccurring in a short time. 

Unlike traditional diagnostic techniques, CCTV inspection does not require excavation. Not digging up your property for an inspection reduces the risk of damage to the garden and nearby structures.

Real-time results and reporting are possible because the viewing allows technicians to record the entire process and act immediately.

We can help with:

  • Blocked drains
  • Blocked sewage pipelines
  • Gully cleaning
  • Toilet blockages
  • Sink, shower, and bath blockages
  • Dishwasher or washing machine exit pipes flooding
  • Investigating bad odours
  • Clearing pipes on commercial premises,

Our drain cleaning team uses state-of-the-art equipment to remove all blockages efficiently. Get in touch today, and arrange a quick, non-intrusive resolution to your drainage problem.

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Knowing what causes drain blockages is helpful as it enables us to fix the problem faster and prevent it from reoccurring. We don’t provide a quick fix but instead focus on solutions that protect the lifespan of your drains. Our drain unblockers will clear the drain and advise on the best practices to help avoid an occurrence.

There are many causes of blocked drainage needing clearance, from household waste build-up to tree roots to children flushing clothing down the toilet. 

Common Causes of Drain Issues:

  • Fat and oil poured down drains or plug holes
  • Tree Roots
  • Wet wipes flushed down the toilet
  • Leaves and garden debris blocking gullies
  • Hard water scale build-up

Our drain cleaning staff are experts at efficiently dealing with these common problems; if the cause is less frequent and more serious, you can rest assured we have the expertise and tools to fix the issue. 

Blocked Drains or Pipes? Call Us Today

A blocked drain won’t repair itself, and if left, the problem nearly always gets worse, meaning the solution to fix it becomes more complicated, takes longer and will likely be more costly.

If you are looking for dependable local drain cleaners capable of solving all your drainage issues, then look no further than Thanet Drainage. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the drainage industry, which enables us to deal with blocked drains and damaged pipes efficiently. Call us to find out how our effective drainage solutions can help you.

We always provide a no-obligation quote, so you will have full details regarding the cost and work involved before we begin.

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