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Professional Blocked Drain Services

Blocked Drain Herne Bay Services

Covering Herne Bay and the surrounding areas, Thanet Drainage is a trusted and dependable company offering thorough and effective drainage services for residential and commercial clients. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals is dedicated to promptly and efficiently resolving drainage issues.

Watermain Repairs In Herne Bay

Thanet Drainage provides a wide range of watermain repair services in Herne Bay. Watermain repairs involve fixing or restoring underground pipes that transport water to homes, businesses, and other properties. These pipes can break down due to age, external force, or deterioration. Repairing the watermains is crucial to prevent leaks, bursts, and water quality issues and to provide a consistent water supply.

Some typical signs that indicate a problem with the watermains include discoloured water, low water pressure, or puddles in the garden. Additionally, if you notice higher than usual water bills or hear strange sounds coming from the drains, it may be a sign of damage.

If you live in Herne Bay and notice any of these signs, contact us. We will investigate the issue and carry out any required repairs to the watermain as soon as possible.

Collapsed Drains

If you have sinks or toilets that drain slowly, or if you have experienced recurrent blockages, unpleasant smells in or around your property, sinkholes or subsidence in your garden or driveway, or noises from your drains, then these could all be signs of a collapsed drain. It is important to address these issues to prevent further damage.

Various things can cause a drain to collapse, including ground movement, soil erosion, tree roots penetrating the system, ageing, heavy traffic, construction that disrupts the ground, and foreign objects in the drainage system.

If you experience a collapsed drain in Herne Bay, the repair or replacement process will vary depending on the extent of the damage and its location. If the damage is minimal, patching, or relining techniques can fix small sections of the drain. However, if the damage is severe or affects the structure of the drain, a complete replacement will be necessary.

Attempting repairs on a collapsed drain yourself is not advisable, as this may lead to further damage or inadequate fixes, which could result in more expensive repairs in the future. Therefore, it is best to call in qualified professionals such as Thanet with the necessary expertise and equipment to assess the situation and provide appropriate solutions accurately.

Drain Lining

If your drainpipes are damaged or leaking, there is a non-invasive solution known as drain lining or drain relining. This process involves inserting a flexible liner into the pipe, inflating it, and allowing it to set. The result is a sturdy inner layer that repairs any cracks or damage, restoring the drain to good working order.

Drain lining or relining is a solution if you have problems with your drainage system, such as cracks, leaks, root intrusion, small collapses, or deterioration. It’s compatible with different types of material, such as clay pipes, concrete, and PVC lines, so it’s versatile for any water system.

To repair drains, we always consider drain lining first as a solution. This method has several advantages over drain replacement, including minimal disruption, fast completion, low cost, and landscape preservation.

Drain Unblocking

When your drains become blocked, it’s often due to grease, food particles, soap scum in the kitchen, or hair and soap residue in the bathroom. It’s important to act quickly to repair the blockage to prevent further damage and potential health risks. Blocked drains can cause unpleasant odours, wastewater backups, and flooding, leading to property damage and an unclean environment.

Our drain unblocking services in Herne Bay can help you avoid more costly and extensive repairs in the future. We have the necessary tools and expertise to clear the blockage safely and efficiently, ensuring that your drainage system works properly again.

Clogged Drains DIY

If you’re dealing with a blocked drain in Herne Bay, it’s not recommended to use chemical drain cleaners. They can cause damage to your pipes, especially if they’re old and such cleaning products are not environmentally friendly.

While you may be able to fix minor blockages yourself using tools like a plunger or plumbing snake, it’s important to call in professional drain services if the blockage persists. Look out for signs like slow-draining water, bad odours, or water backing up in sinks or toilets. These could indicate a more significant blockage or underlying drainage issues that require expert attention.

Our Herne Bay-based blocked drain services are available to both residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, you can trust us to handle any blocked drain problems.

Drain Services

If you are in the Herne Bay area and are have issues with your drains, rest assured that we are fully equipped to provide you with assistance. Our comprehensive services include drainage unblocking, cleaning, repairs, relining, CCTV surveys, installation, and upkeep. Whether you require urgent attention or routine maintenance, our team of experts is ready to deliver a fast, professional, and reliable service to ensure your drains function as they should

If you’re experiencing an urgent issue, don’t worry – we offer emergency drain services and are always available to help. We understand the urgency of these issues and will provide immediate assistance.

Herne Bay Drain Repairs

Persistent unpleasant smells, slow water drainage, gurgling sounds, water backing up, sinkholes or subsidence outside, or visible damp patches on walls or ceilings are like to be caused by a problem with your drains. In that case, seeking drain repair services in Herne Bay may be necessary. It is crucial to address drain issues quickly after seeing any of these symptoms.

We offer drain repair services that can fix small cracks or leaks, realign misaligned sections, and replace severely damaged or collapsed drains. The repair method used depends on the specific problem and its severity.

Modern techniques, such as drain relining, are often used for non-invasive repairs that require minimal excavation, resulting in less disturbance to your property and the surrounding areas.

Blocked drain Herne Bay repair

CCTV Drain Surveys

Consider a CCTV drain survey in Herne Bay to identify drainage issues like blockages, bad smells, and hidden damage. This non-intrusive inspection method uses a small camera to capture real-time footage and pinpoint the exact location and cause of problems.

A camera on a flexible cable is inserted into the drain system to complete a drain survey. The camera sends a live video feed to a monitor, so drain experts can evaluate the drains’ condition in real-time. The footage is saved for analysis and provides useful insights into blockages, leaks, cracks, tree root issues, and other problems.

A CCTV drain survey is a great way to find hidden problems in drainage systems. The camera can go through bends, narrow lines, joints and give us a full picture of the drain network. It can find cracks, leaks, collapsed areas, and tree root intrusions that may not be visible to the eye, making it possible to repair and maintain the system quickly.

Our CCTV drain survey duration depends on the complexity of the system and the extent of inspection needed. We usually finish within a few hours and provide a detailed report with our findings and solutions.

Drain Clearance Herne Bay

If you notice slow-draining sinks, toilets, or showers, strange noises, or water backing up, it may be necessary to perform Herne Bay drain clearance. This process involves removing blockages and debris from drainage systems to restore their proper flow and function.

Plungers or drain snakes can be used to clear them for simple blockages. However, if the backup is more complicated, it is recommended to use professional drain clearance services in Herne Bay.

At Thanet Drainage, we are experts in fixing blocked drains. We have advanced equipment and skills to handle different types of blockages, and we use various methods depending on the issue. We offer our services to residential and commercial customers, and you can trust us to clear the blockage.

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