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Our Work Projects

Water Main Repair May 2023

We were called to a lady who had been told by Southern Water she had a water leak somewhere on her main between her meter and her connection into her house. We traced the line of the water main and excavated onto it. We then found there were multiple leaks on her old steel pipe.  

We dug out the whole length of 20 meters and installed a new MDPE pipe at a depth of 750mm with a sleeve over it to protect from freezing. We then surrounded with shingle to protect the pipe and backfilled. The whole site was then fully reinstated to its original condition including replacing the block paving.

This was done as an emergency as the customer only had so much time before Southern Water started charging her for the water from the leak. The customer was left happy with the work carried out.

Channel Drainage Installation March 2023

This job was in 38 The Strand Deal,  We installed 3 meters of channel drainage where there was flooding before, a new downpipe from and existing line into a new gully and a new 34mm pipe from a basin into and existing gully. The job was fully reinstated, and the customer was very happy with the work carried out.

Gordon Lodge Drainage Installation March 2023

This job was a care home in Westgate. The whole homes drains were backing up and Simon had realised there was a hidden manhole that was blocked. He located the manhole under some concrete and manged to excavate and reveal it. When he lifted the lid he was met with an absolute Tsunami of foul waste that burst out the top of the manhole and flushed down the street. He has since dug out the manhole lid and raised it to ground level so if there are future blockages they can be cleared a lot easier.

97 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate excavation March 2023

We were instructed to carry out and excavation on a collapsed line, 3 meters deep. Using our camera and scanning equipment we located the exact spot of the collapse and excavated onto the pipe. When we dug down and revealed the collapse we found the pipe had also collapsed further downstream, so we had to excavate onto that pipe too. The job took 7 days in total. The collapsed lines were replaced and the drains are running clear now. Job was fully reinstated to its original condition.