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Drain Relining and Patch Lining

Drain relining is a non-excavation technology which repairs damaged drains with minimal disruption. It is the quickest and cheapest way to repair a broken drain. 

Drain relining involves installing a resin drain lining to bind to the inside of the damaged pipe. We use water or air pressure to ensure the new lining fits tightly to the damaged line, allowing water and sewerage to flow freely through the drain or sewer. 

This approach works like constructing a new pipe inside the broken one and is an effective way of repairing pipes of all sizes.

The lining prevents further erosion of the drains and stops leaks into the surrounding ground, which may cause subsidence. 

Drain relining involves repairs to an extended length of the drain. If only a part of the drain is damaged, a patch is applied. Patch lining allows us to repair a specific spot without relining the entire drain.

Drain Relining/Patch lining

Thanet Drainage Drain Relining

We provide leading domestic drain and patch relining services in the southeast of England. We can reline drains of any size using no-dig methods.

If your property has blocked drains or leaky pipes, it can lead to worse problems, including flooding, nasty smells, and structural damage. Our drain and pipe relining services can stop these issues without costing you a fortune or causing significant disruption.

Our specialist drainage engineers use state-of-the-art CCTV equipment to examine the drains for signs of damage. The high-resolution images from the CCTV allow us to quickly decide on the best technique to repair the drains.

Relining or patching without digging is ideal for fixing most faults, so we can mend the damaged pipe without excavation. Nevertheless, we also deliver a broader scope of repair methods, including excavation, which is the only solution at times, such as if the drain has collapsed. 

How Long Does Relining Last?

Drain relining provides enduring structural worth as the pipelining has a lifespan of over 50 years. 

How Can I Tell If My Drains Need Relining?

The following tell-tale signs indicate you may have a problem with your drains:

Unpleasant Smells

Leaky sewage lines ultimately lead to foul odours, which is often the first indication that you have a drain problem. Such smells are caused by waste or by mould and mildew that flourish in damp places.

Gurgling Sounds

A constant gurgling sound is a sure sign of a problem in the water pipes or sewer line. The pipe needs relining if the sound continues when all taps are closed.

Wet Floors

Wet floors are another giveaway sign of leaking drainage. Most plumbing networks are directly beneath the house to connect to the water mains. As leaking water pools around the lines, it eventually rises and leaves floors wet.


Rats are attracted to the rancid smells of leaking sewerage in drains. As such, if you see rats around your garden, it could be because the drainage pipes need relining.

An Increase In Your Water Bill

A spike in your water bill is often related to leaking pipes. To check, turn off all water sources and check if the meter is still turning.

Other signs to look out for are low water pressure, rust in the water, cracks in walls, increased growth in vegetation and sludge in the sink or bath.

These signs may indicate drainage issues, ranging from a blockage, cracked pipes, or even a collapsed drain.

How Much Does Drain Relining Cost?

The cost of our lining services depends on various factors so please call us to discuss your situation so we can give you a quote. The diameter and length of the pipe are the main factors affecting the price. Whatever the cost, you can rely on Thanet Drainage for competitive pricing. 

We only carry out work that is necessary unless you request additional services, and make sure you are satisfied with the repair costs before we start working.

Why Choose Thanet Drainage?

No matter what drainage problems you have, you can depend on Thanet Drainage to find the quickest and most cost-effective solution and get your system running perfectly as fast as possible.

Thanet Drainage has a fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest drain lining patching technology. We provide Drain lining across the southeast of England, so if you suspect you have a cracked or blocked drain, don’t hesitate to call us.

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