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We are well-accustomed to every plumbing problem and solution at Thanet Drainage, including drain descaling. 

Scale forms in pipes and drainage systems by a build-up of particles inside your lines. The particles that comprise the scale include:

  • Hardened grease
  • Mineral deposits from hard water
  • Items that get stuck in the build-up mentioned above.

Over time, these components form a solidified substance known as scale. As it expands and hardens, it blocks pipes and water flow. If left, the scale can completely fill pipes and stop water flow altogether. In this event, you will likely need emergency descaling services.

It’s always better to descale drains before it gets to the point of requiring emergency repairs. 

Drain Descaling

Why Should Scale Be Removed?

Scale can form in incoming and outgoing lines. Blocked incoming pipes will disrupt everyday life in your home by stopping water from getting in when you need it. Scale is furthermore one of the main causes of blocked sewer lines. Blocked sewer pipes can result in a bad backup of sewerage that nobody wants to deal with. To avoid these situations, you should consider drain descaling.

How Does Drain Descaling Work?

Always hire a professional company like Thanet Drainage to descale drains. Our team can maintain a full flow through your pipes with our expertise in pipe descaling. We have multiple devices and a fleet of vehicles to do the job efficiently the first time around.

Our chosen method to descale drains depends on the size of the scale build up. Furthermore, there are less-invasive ways to get the job done when working with damaged or fragile pipes. 

We use coring equipment and high-pressure water jets to clear tough, hard scale deposits. Our team have a choice of nozzles and cutting heads to get rid of fat, grease, and severe scale. Our machinery can successfully clear pipes, kitchen sinks, manhole interceptors and urinals. 

Descaling saves hassle, time, and money by ensuring drainage works as it should. You can book our descaling service as a one-off event or routine preventative maintenance to ensure your drains remain in good condition.

Hydro Jetting

Our state-of-the-art hydro-jettiers have a variety of attachments such as cutting balls, chain flails and milling heads.

Hydro jetting, or high-pressure water jetting, gets rid of scale without the need to excavate to reach the pipes, bringing you a cheaper, more efficient alternative to traditional drainage descaling options.

Symptoms of Scale

Drains are likelier to get scaled up in areas with hard water. The Southeast is strongly affected by this issue.

Typical symptoms of scaled pipes include odours from plugholes, poor water flow, blockages and white marks on taps and shower heads, caused by limescale.

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