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Only Three ‘P’S Go Down The Toilet


Here at Thanet Drainage we are called out to blocked drains every day. A large amount of these blockages are caused by people flushing wet wipes down the toilet. We cannot stress enough why this should not be done. It cause all sorts of problems as they do not break down the same as toilet paper. They also contain chemicals which can damage the environment if they make their way into the main sewers. 90% of wet wipes sold also contain plastic so this also can cause issues if the sewage makes its way to the sea. Some wet wipes are sold as flushable wet wipes but unfortunately these still do not break down the same as toilet paper so these are still not suitable to put down the toilet.

We suggest only the 3 ‘P’s should ever go down the toilet, Paper, Pee and Poo. Please think about that when using wet wipes and then you probably won’t need to call us out to unblock your drains.