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Blocked DraiN Faversham

With more than three decades of experience under our belt, we will unclog your blocked drains in Faversham home and have your drains working perfectly in no time.

We are here to help with any blockage in Faversham drains. Whether it’s a blocked sink or a deeper-rooted problem, our vehicles are equipped with modern technology to solve the problem.

With years of local experience, you can rest assured the work will be completed to the highest standard with customer service to match. We explain what caused the blockage and advise how to maintain your drains to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Our aim is to clear any blockage on the first visit. Occasionally, depending on the situation, it may require further visits to repair.

Blocked drain Faversham

CCTV Drainage Surveys in Faversham

We use the latest CCTV technology to tackle drain issues. Our CCTV equipment acts as underground eyes to determine the problem. We insert a rod with a high-definition camera into the drain, which transmits images to a monitor above ground. This allows us to determine what issues are causing the problem so we can fix it immediately.

Some drain problems are a more complex than a simple blockage. But from collapsed pipes to cracks or corrosion, we’ll fix your drains at a very competitive and fair price. We offer discounts to students and OAPs, and all work is fully insured.

Drain Relining

Drain relining is a non-excavation technology which repairs damaged drains with minimal disruption. It is the quickest and cheapest way to repair a broken drain. 

Drain relining involves installing a resin drain lining to bind to the inside of the damaged pipe. We use water or air pressure to ensure the new lining fits tightly to the damaged line, allowing water and sewerage to flow freely through the drain or sewer. 

This approach works like constructing a new pipe inside the broken one and is an effective way of repairing pipes of all sizes.

The lining prevents further erosion of the drains and stops leaks into the surrounding ground, which may cause subsidence. 

Drain relining involves repairs to an extended length of the drain. A patch is applied if only a part of the drain is damaged. Patch lining allows us to repair a specific spot without relining the entire drain.

Drain Cleaning And Jetting

Our engineers can expertly clean your Faversham blocked drains using high-pressure water jets to ensure water flows smoothly.

HPWP, or High-Pressure Water Jetting, is a highly practical way of cleaning many surfaces, including plumbing systems. High-pressure jetting clears blockages and flushes out debris without using harmful chemicals.

High-pressure water jetting, also known as hydro jetting, is a powerful way to clear stubborn blockages in drains, sewerage lines, and other systems. The method blasts highly pressurised water through a pipe, removing solid material or food residue for a long-lasting clean.

If a standard jetting unblock isn’t going to work because you have a more deep-rooted issue, our vans are equipped with heavy-duty equipment to fix the problem. 

Commercial Drains

Are your restaurant or pub drains blocked? Are the toilets overflowing? Whatever the reason for the problem, and whatever your business sector, plumbing problems can quickly make your premises unusable. You’ll want these issues sorted out quickly and efficiently.

The Thanet Drainage team are experts at drain unblocking for businesses and will get back to work in no time. We know that time is money, and when your workplace’s drains are causing trouble, we’ll rush to the rescue so you can work as usual.

Regular Maintenance Checks

We recommend regular maintenance checks for commercial premises to nip problems in the bud before they become emergencies. A routine CCTV inspection, performed by feeding a camera down drains, can check to ensure there is no build-up which could become a long-term issue. 

Trained Professionals

Our engineers are trained professionals, qualified to the highest standards, with experience handling various issues for all types of premises. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whenever you need assistance.

Tree Root Cutting

A common cause of blocked drains in Faversham is because tree roots enter the drains. We can often remove roots using standard high-pressure water jetting units, but specialist jetting heads and attachments may be required to restore a system’s full functionality. Flail jets have spinning chains which spin around, dicing at the roots as they go. Other attachments have forward-facing cutting heads that rotate with the pressure of water pumped through them. 

We also use specialist high-pressure water jetting cutting rigs that are so powerful they will cut out concrete, masonry, and invading pipework from a system. We can use the same equipment for root cutting in pipe work from 150mm in diameter and above. They are especially suitable for cutting through obstinate tree roots.

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Contact us if you feel your Faversham drains aren’t emptying as fast as they once did or if you suspect a leak. Our specialists can fix your problem quickly and at a competitive cost preventing further damage. We also offer preventative maintenance services.

Need a quote? Call or text us on 07500 040061 or fill out our online form, and we will get back to you as fast as possible. We are fully insured, and offer discounts to students and OAPs.

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