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Simon believes in delivering a cost effective drain unblocking service for all our customer; this drives Thanet drainage forward . A local drain business for local people based in Ramsgate with no hidden costs or hourly rates whilst still using the latest technology....                                                               

Top Tips

Top Tips on Keeping Your Drains Running Clear in Ramsgate, Thanet

Blocked drain can cause interruption and a health hazard. 
A Blocked drain can strike at any time however Thanet Drainage have the solution. 

Blocked drain?

We are a local family run drain company who can help you with all drain unblocking. Here are some top tips which we have picked up along the way to avoid a blocked drain:

  • Regularly put bleach and cleaning products down the toilets, baths and sinks to keep
  • them clean.
  • Place sanitary ware, nappies and baby wipes in the bin. Do not flush them down the
  • toilet as it may cause drains to become blocked.
  • Do not pour fat, oil or anything greasy down your kitchen sink or drain.
  • Check manholes monthly to ensure that the drains are flowing freely.
  • Remove any build up of scale, hair, soap from your plugholes which over time can clog your drain pipes.
  • Try to keep scissors, tooth brushes, toys and other items away from the toilet to
  • prevent them accidentally being knocked in to the bowl causing blockages (see the
  • CCTV Drain Photo below of scissors found in the drain pipe).
  • Check all your guttering and drain grates are free from twigs, leaves.
  • Maintain your plugholes, sinks, toilets and drains regularly.
As your local drain company, Thanet Drainage in Ramsgate, Kent can suggest drain solutions for all drainage issues throughout Kent and surrounding areas. Give us a call on 01843 583 335 to arrange a visit for Blocked Drain. Rapid unblocking by Thanet Drainage. 
Email or call us now. No call out charge, Fixed Fee, Local Drain Experts. (Terms & Conditions Apply); Email :
 If its a blocked drain, toilet, shower or sink causing a stink call us on

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